Public Service & Personal Sacrifice
Honesty & Integrity

Commitment to Quality Service
Professionalism & Competency

Equal opportunities & Support for the most needy
The poorest of the poor

Mission Statement

We will transform the quality of life of people in the area of The Cross on Mount Michiru. We will do this by creating jobs and enterprises, developing peoples‘ capabilities, skills and self development and through improving buildings and the environment. We will work to achieve sustainability through professional commercial enterprises.

Beehive Enterprises

beetailoring logo

Beehive Tailoring is about transforming lives through a learning community that has all necessary resources for training people in Tailoring and Design.

jp2 logo

John Paul II Leadership and IT Institute (JPII LITI) is about transforming lives through a learning community that has the best IT resources, courses and …

mother teresa logo

The Mother Teresa Children‘s Centre is a first of its kind in Malawi; the first to be based on the UK Sure Start model, helping to transform the lives of …

tcr logo

TCSR was originally launched as a small computer repair business in 2009. It has since grown into a substantial Computer & Plasma Screen rental…

tpvh logo

Torrent Plant and Vehicle Hire is a Beehive enterprise that specialises in renting out plant that is best for your construction needs.…

beetech logo

Beetech is a Beehive Enterprise that was established with the aim of covering and helping the Beehive interms of the IT…

beebikes logo

Beebikes is one of the successfull enterprises Beehive has ever established, is was established with the full potential of …

beebuild logo

Beebuild is an enterprise considered to be one of the most reliable enterprises since it has the capability of …

beebooks logo

Beebooks is an enterprise that is one of a king in Malawi. It is probably one of the bookshops that have the best used books in Malawi…